The Goddess of Truth and Justice Reigns Supreme!

I just had to share this story with you because it is a story of the divine in action and I am delighted to have played a part in what unfolded. Every week I do a You Tube video on Mystical Moon You Tube channel called The Goddess Diaries. This week I worked with the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at and in channeling the energy I felt very connected to her. On Wednesday morning before the show I did a calling upon and felt her energy meld with my physical self. I was struck by how it felt, honest, good, true, upstanding, sage and wise, in short someone who would uphold truth and justice, fairly and wisely. Because I was able to connect with and hold her energy I flowed it throughout the show, it felt good and I knew that it would reach those who watched the show. 
Later on in the day I spoke to of friend of mine who told me about some major problems she was having with a big car dealership in town. Two months ago she purchased an expensive used luxury car ($42,000) and she told me that out of the two months that she had owned the car, it had spent six weeks in the shop. She said that the car had had water damage but that the dealership were denying all knowledge of this. Whilst the car was in the shop they had given her a loaner, a brand new luxury car and whilst she was on the road in the loaner, someone had driven in to that car and so that had been in the shop too! As I spoke to her she was on her way back to pick up the loaner car from the shop, as we ended our conversation she said "I have to go, as I am at the dealership to pick up the car." I said a little prayer and asked that she get the justice that she so needed and deserved and I though of Ma'at. I smiled a little to myself at the time, wondering how this was all gonna work itself out. I also was thinking about mercury retrograde and what a pain it can be (it is typical that people will have issues with car's computers, communication etc during this time) and figured that it would work itself out for her.
Yesterday, I called her to see what had happened and she says to me "You are not gone believe what happened!", I think to myself , oh yes i will, in my life and work the normal is definitely NOT the normal! She tells me that when she went into the reception at the dealership it was late in the day and they only had one receptionist there, meaning that any earlier and the following would not have happened. The receptionist laid down a stack of papers in front of my her and said you will need to sign these to release the car and then walks away. My friend starts to look through the papers and sees that back in September (way before she purchased the car) that the car had been fixed in the dealership and that it had water damage from a storm AND that it had been in a collision. NONE of this was in the Carfax report or revealed to my girlfriend, in fact they denied all knowledge of the water damage.
So, my girlfriend asked the girl to copy the papers for her and she left with the evidence in her hands!!! Now the dealership are trying to fix the problem and give her a new car, the story is not yet finished and it will be interested to see where this goes next.... After she told me the story I knew immediately that Ma'at had helped my girlfriend and maybe others who have been wronged by this company, this is the part of the story that has yet to unfold.
I am always amazed and grateful that I have Spirit in my life and that my connection helps me live my life in a better, more productive and fruitful way. You see Spirit is  here, all around us, to help us and if we can get out of the 3D world and be receptive to it then miracles WILL happen in our live's. 
If you would like to watch my show here is a link, each week I teach about a different Goddess and channel a meditation, who knows, maybe you are ready for a miracle in your life too?

Samantha Banks

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Comment by Katherine Snitker on March 8, 2013 at 7:39pm
Loved the story and your sharing of same. May your friend have nothing but good luck with that car, from now on. ( I'm sure with the papers she now has, she will !!!) Loved seeing another blog in the community....keep yours coming.( I even came back to view and reread before making my comment.)I appreciate hearing your feelings of channeling or feeling the spirit in you. I love hearing how things happen for others and what they think and feel about same.

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