When I was a little, I was never really close with girls. As I got older, it continued. Looking back, I think that being psychic made me overly sensitive to their judgment of how I looked, what I was wearing, which boy I was friends with, or whatever other hundreds of reasons girls come up with to not like another girl. I never understood that feeling around girls, so I mostly stayed away from them. I did have a few close girl friends as I was growing up. Mostly they were girls who didn't get along with other girls either. Sometimes we grew apart and sometimes they did me wrong, which took me right back to questioning why I was even friends with them in the first place. I was mostly friends with boys. And lots of them. They were simple - they were either your friends or they weren't. Sometimes they became more than friends. But for the most part it was simple. And that's how it was into my adulthood.

When I was in my twenties and was explaining this to a dear second cousin of mine, she told me, "Honey, one day when you are older, you will appreciate the company of other women." I didn't question her,  I simply took what she said and tucked it away for later. She always had these little gems of knowledge given in a non-judgmental way similar to the way my grandmother gave advice. I must have known that one was special because I remember the scene and the words exactly.

 I am now at that "one day." Somehow, over the years, I have accumulated a tribe of sisters. Some I have known longer than others and some I have known for many lifetimes. These sisters are there for me through all of my emotions - happiness, sadness, triumphs, disappointments, self-doubt, curiosity, silliness, seriousness - and they all, like human guardian angels, come forth with different attributes and advice that make me a better me. I have my go-to sisters for specific reasons. The ones that will tell it like it is and know me well enough to call me on my wrongdoings. The ones that help me plan my dreams. The ones that I "work 'til we drop" and "laugh 'til we pee" with. The ones that just call me because they feel something isn't right. The ones that will cheer me on and cry with me all in the same sitting. I have learned how to be there for them both silently and on the forefront. I have fought side by side with them and for them through their struggles. We may not talk every day, but we know that each other will be there at the drop of a hat if asked. They are not all related by blood, but nonetheless, these women are my sisters. I may not have had this my whole life, but I cherish every moment I have with them now. Thank you, Ladies!

Have you established your sisterhood yet?

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