As I was walking out of my son's day care today, I passed through the garden of the Unitarian Universalist church on which the campus of his Montessori school is located. I looked at the meditation garden, the barrels collecting the rain water, the pole in the middle of the garden with all of the different languages written on it to represent God or Spirit, the banner exclaiming how we are all equal, and I thought about where I am in life now. It led me to wonder how I got to where I am currently in my little spiritual bubble - a gentle place for my young son to be nurtured, the metaphysical center where I work and do readings, my quiet little home, and my intimate circle of friends. Did my higher self knowingly do this or is it part of a grand plan? Am I keeping myself too sheltered by mostly staying in my comfort zone of spiritual people? People who mostly are vegetarian/vegan or trying to do so, people who grow their own food, deal with illness holistically or with herbs and oils, people who meditate daily, and intuitively know what you need or what you are thinking. Being consistently around people who put the earth first, who walk barefoot every chance they get, and who talk about angels and fairies and guides as if they are their best friends. All of these thoughts went through my head in a matter of 10 seconds and I asked myself - When did I become such a "hippie?"

 I am surrounded by very spiritual people. It is second nature to me to talk about how things "feel" or what I "see" happening with my friends and coworkers and for them to do the same. It is nothing to my 3-year old to ask me for Reiki if his ear is bothering him. Nor does it seem odd when he tells me something is scary and I hear him call upon Archangel Michael for protection. I find it odd when people don't know about energy healing and then I realize that I am constantly in a world surrounded by people who are healers or want to learn more about it. I have to remind myself that most people don't find it natural to do or know about energy healing at all. As a Libra, I naturally balance myself by understanding both myself and others when situations arise in which more information is needed to explain or when it is best to simply be quiet.

Sometimes I yearn to be around "regular" people. I will go to the movies, the park, the mall, etc. and just "feel" the energy of the people around me.  I am usually amused by the exchanges and interactions of others, but sometimes people literally make my eye twitch. That is not judgment, I usually end up saying, "I am too sensitive to be around that kind of energy" and laugh it off. This makes me wonder if I am becoming too sheltered in my interactions. Should I get out more? I do go out to community events, volunteer at my son's school, and teach at a local college, but I mostly stay in my comfort zone. If I were to get out more, would I desensitize? Do I want to be desensitized?

Is being a "hippie" such a bad thing? Then I asked a key question - Am I sheltered or blessed? Is it really a bad thing to be around gentle people and environments 98% of the time? Isn't that what most people hope to achieve in life - a circle of people they love and trust, gentleness, and being confident in what you do? Am I blessed to be sheltered? And within that question, I found my answer:  I am blessed. And for that I am thankful.

What makes you feel blessed?

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Comment by Crystal C on April 24, 2014 at 3:42pm
Thank you, Ladies!
Comment by JoAnn Agostinelli on April 24, 2014 at 3:22pm
Yes, you are blessed to be around gentle people and environments and correct when you say that is what we all strive for. Thank you.
Comment by Lindsey Schaffer on February 5, 2014 at 2:44pm

Beautiful, I am blessed to know you, Crystal! Thank you for sharing this.

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