I recently started thinking about all the DNA science calls junk DNA. Because they can't figure out what it's for, they are ready to disregard it ( almost 90% is considered Junk DNA ). I think it's coding for our soul and spiritual past and future. I think that DNA is a Jump or flash drive with all our Akaskic records encoded on it. Like our own little computer chip, carrying the codes for our physical life and our spiritual/soul. When I asked in a reading recently... at the Moon, I was told that was basically correct....that science is too linear and that is why they can't figure it out. So I also had to ask about the human brain which they also say.... we only use 10% of. In some ways I was told, the brain is like a vehicle for both personal light and spiritual light and energy. Like a computer bank holding all the storage of the soul/spirit and physical. It makes me wonder if that is why under hypnosis so many people are able to remember their past lives in so much detail, how they can access the information from all ages and times. It also seems that the memory of the past can wash away the fears of today when dealt with in regression or hypnosis.

All of this thinking, research, inquiring that I am doing, is for a group of stories I am writing. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts they would like to share, regarding these ideas, I would be interested in talking/chatting.

My stories have details and facts I am trying to gather about Atlantis and Lemuria so I am also happy to find any new materials in those areas as well.

I also asked recently about the Seven Rays and planet energy, if you know a good book or source of material that you think could be of value to me, I would love to know the titles or web sites. There's actually few subjects I haven't tried to tie into my stories. I'm also interested in crop circles and information regarding same...Pleiades and Pleaidians...a connection between Indigos and the Seven Rays...as examples. I have been Googling dozens of sites on the net to study and research, read hundreds of books...but more eyes, ears and minds would be great...if anyone could offer up info or ideas for new sources etc.

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Comment by Kim Rush on September 22, 2012 at 8:11am

Kathy, I did some reading about the 7 Rays tonight.  I found it interesting on 2 levels.  The first being it makes sense to me since we have 7 bodies, our physical bodies being but one.  Barbara Brennan wrote a great book on the topic called Hands of Light.  Physical-Etheric-Emotional-Mental-Astral-Etheric Template-Celestial-Ketheric Template.  I did a lot of work with this in the 90's, about the time I got into hypnosis.  I have been able to look through my etheric eyes and done much astral projection since I was a child.  Never awake, only when sleeping. I have done both etheric and astral projecting Sondi also has experienced much etheric projection.  I have had dreams while I was sleeping that I was seeing things happening while I was invisible.  Upon waking I found that while I was sleeping those things did in fact happen.  Astral projecting I have seen many things, the most consistent thing being this terrible looking creature which would bar my way to wherever I was going.  I would always get scared and fall back into my body.  Sometimes over and over again all night long to wake up exhausted.  One time as this was happening and this monster appeared I heard a woman's voice berating me to stop getting scared as I knew what to do and done so many times.  Suddenly I realized I DID.  So as this creature approached with horrible teeth I reached out my hand and let it bite me, then I pulled it's head off and tossed it's body one way and it's head the other.  I do not remember where I went after that, but when I woke up I was shaken and felt terrible that I had killed that thing even though it was gruesome.  That's about the time I stopped remembering my dreams and have only recently been remembering them again after several yrs of hardly remembering any.

The second thing is an experience I had during a guided imagery hypnosis session as a subject in a group session.  Apparently this 7 Ray model was used, and it was interesting to me that I could see it all so clearly.  The violet one was the one I saw the best and enjoyed the most.  After reaching this *violet flame*  the hypnotist said there would be a rainbow bridge, which I also saw very clearly as did 2 other subjects in the session.  None of the others saw it.  After being instructed to cross the bridge I actually began to do so but I got a very intense negative feeling.  It was not fear and I did not feel afraid at all, it was just very negative and  I felt *I* was not meant to cross it.  I do not want to imply I felt it was not meant to be crossed only that I was not meant to.  After the session as we all chatted together the other subjects also said they got the same feeling.  None of us crossed the bridge as instructed by the hypnotist.  I think this is significant but how I can not say.  What gets even more interesting is after this session I started having disturbing dreams, as did I found out later the other 2 people that also saw the rainbow bridge.

In my dreams tunnels and bridges became the common theme.  In the hypnosis session *tubes* were mentioned at great length but in my dreams they were tunnels.  My dream was considerably different than the other 2 subjects who had virtually almost the same exact dream.  They saw a BIG ROCK and some people were going toward the rock and walking right off a cliff like lemmings.  They were standing with a different group of people, many who were given keys.  They walked closer to the rock and came to a door.  Other people with clip boards were standing at the door and allowing only those with with keys to open the door and pass through it.  At this point neither could remember what happened next or where/what the door led to.  They both stated the whole thing was very scary and more of a nightmare than just a dream.  They woke up very frightened.

My dreams went on for several weeks and each time it was pretty much the same with only slight variations.  I was standing with many people and saw a mountain.  just at the base of the mountain was a BIG ROCK.  As this group of us made our way to the rock I saw the mountain opening and a tunnel went completely through the mountain, I could see all the way through it.  As I talked to those around me none of them could see the tunnel, only the mountain.  After much discussion it was decided I would go get a closer look as I was the only one to see a hole in the mountain.  As I approached I saw the tunnel looked stable and so I ventured in and made my way through the tunnel.  At this point I was becoming frightened and beginning to get a feeling of dread.  Once through the tunnel I came to the exit and I saw a HUGE bridge.  The problem was the bridge only went about half way across the huge expanse and then stopped leaving only air the remaining of the expanse to the other side.I don't remember what I saw on the other side but I know I watched things or maybe people doing stuff.  As I stood on the edge of the half bridge I was quite certain I would not set foot onto that bridge.  I went back to the others standing on the rock and told them what I saw.  They insisted I lead them through the tunnel, while I didnt think I should after much pressure I complied and took this group through the mountain to the other side and to the foot of the bridge.  They began to insist I lead them onto the bridge and I flat refused.  They started calling me names and trying to taunt me into taking them and they started saying I was just too afraid.  I admitted that yes, indeed I was and under no circumstance was I setting one foot on that bridge.  So, they began to laugh and laugh at me and one by one they began to cross the bridge and walked right of the end... again, just like lemmings.  I was frozen to the spot and stood in horror as people walked off the edge and disappeared.  Even MORE disturbing was even as this was happening none of the others on the bridge stopped, or even slowed down; they just kept walking right off the end of the bridge and disappearing.  This is the point I woke up each time feeling very upset and having much distress and anxiety wondering why I let them talk me into taking them to the bridge.  Eventually the dreams stopped and I shied away from that hypnotist afterwards.

Not sure what it all meant but that is what happened.

Comment by Katherine Snitker on September 21, 2012 at 2:42pm

So I have another question for you Scott,

What knowing do you have of what is to come? How strong is your intuitive or knowledge about the up coming changes? When seeking words from others I guess I was hoping for..... or looking for, more of the personal perspective or memories. The inside look, not what I've read or know for myself. I know I am trying to dig deeper and I guess maybe you are right...I may not be looking in the right places .....I know about within but I'm stubborn and don't use it as much as maybe I should....maybe I'm afraid ( but not really afraid )  of where it might take me. I'm looking for sharing because I want my message to me real and to be something that will help and resonate with as many as possible....sometimes my words could be stimulated more !!! I am sort of getting hung up in the Word ( and it's energy) and I thought it was interesting that you used the term in one of your other replies. Wish there was time for a retreat....I know I could use one !! 

Comment by Katherine Snitker on September 21, 2012 at 9:56am

Scott, I appreciate that you are challenging my physical and spiritual perspectives and pushing me more towards the knowing of spiritual. I do believe.... I feel before I think...it's the knowing and feeling that takes me on the search to try and find more answers that others have shared...in a form possibly of confirming or finding the best way to present the materials. I firmly believe it's all simple, all truths are simple truths and man/mind makes it complicated. It's a theme in my stories. Perhaps I have not been living them.....just preaching them??? I know that being here ( Just on the Moon right now) is a step or a lesson or a push to get me somewhere.....so I do appreciate that you are bouncing things back at me. Do you have much knowledge of the Seven Rays? I am trying to find a few simple truths about them to weave into my stories. I can appreciate that I am not centered just now and will work more in that direction.....several forces are at work here and I believe I'm getting the gentle push from several sources. Thanks for the reply and the intuition you shared.

Comment by Katherine Snitker on September 20, 2012 at 1:12pm

Thanks Kimmy I'll be checking out the info you sent too.

Comment by Katherine Snitker on September 20, 2012 at 1:11pm


I will say...your comments are making me think even more than I was before. Lately it seems all I'm doing is thinking about energy and the real worlds out there. I am writing about things that I have known and gone through.... but the reason I'm writing about them now, is to hopefully get to kids who aren't shut down yet...to remind them to be open and aware of all that they are and can be. I'm trying, since it's stories for kids to keep it simple and in terms they can understand. I appreciate that you and Kim have made comments that will have me thinking and checking even more...I wish I could get more feed back on more subjects and inter act with all on this site. Amazing sometimes how much easier it can be to understand something when you can hear about it from more sources. What are your thoughts about crop circles? Atlantis and Lemuria? Tapping into you intuition? I'm especially interested in anyone who can fill me in more regarding the Seven Rays...more about how they affect and what energies they pull from the different planets and stars etc. 

Comment by Kim Rush on September 20, 2012 at 6:26am

One of the things you will read about is the hypothalamus gland.  What I found to be absolutely amazing about this gland is if you look at an anatomy chart of the nervous system and turn it upside down.  the nerves in the torso and limbs our bodies look like a plant...a tree.  If you follow the *tree* down the inverted body to the head.  The root ball is this gland.  This in one reason doing inversion yoga poses is so good for the nervous system.  Inverting the body gives a big drink of spinal fluid or kundalini energy to the root ball.

Comment by Kim Rush on September 20, 2012 at 6:15am

Aromatherapy can have an affect on our DNA interestingly enough.  I will give a link at the end of my post that explains the path aroma takes from nose to olfactory bulb system, to the limbic system to memory.  Smell is one of the most powerful of all our senses.  When we smell certain odors we are reminded of Grandma's house, a swimming pool.. Dad's garage and many other things.  The interesting thing about essential oils, especially therapeutic grade oils is they all have a specific frequency.  Scientists wondered how long such oils could hold their frequency without losing potency.  When opening up some sealed jars of essential oils found in Egypt, the jars that had broken seals showed obvious loss of frequency.  The unbroken seals however still maintained their true frequency.  So the answer to the scientific question was, at least 5000 yrs.

Oils contain many medicinal and other attributes, within their molecules, one of which being Sesquiterpenes.  There are many others, antibacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory ect.  Sesquiterpenes are the ones that have an affect on our DNA.  

There are many types of molecular groups found in essential oils, but to give an idea of the complex chemistry and amazing potential of essential oils, look to the sesquiterpenes.

Sesquiterpenes are a group of molecules with a particular molecular commonality (three isoprene units per molecule). There are estimated to be 3000 varieties of sesquiterpenes, so generalizing about their effects is difficult. However, sesquiterpenes can generally:

  • Delete mis-coded DNA information from cells
  • Increase or facilitate the action of the other ingredients in the oils
  • Increase blood flow to the capillaries
  • Tonify the endocrine system
  • Pass the blood-brain barrier, supporting blood flow to the brain

This is pretty much how and why aromatherapy works.  So, in theory by using specific oils with correct intention we can re program our DNA.

This link is to a Young Living website (I use to sell these oils and they are some of the best but very expensive compared to others)  Just remember synthetic and diluted oils do not work the same as the therapeutic grade.


I thought you might find this interesting.  :)

Comment by Laurie Barraco on September 19, 2012 at 9:40pm

Maybe even interviewing people about their experiences, memories would be a great research project ~ sort of a de-bunking or de-mystifying.

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