I'm really starting to feel the connections between us

I wonder at all the new things I am feeling, and starting to truly understand these days. Between meditation, classes, my automatic writing and reading....I am getting more and more messages.....more and more understanding and even more of a connection between all of us. One of the first things I noticed between us...we're all writing...we're all trying to share our light and lighten the path for others...we all have something to say and .....WE'RE SAYING IT. We might be doing it in different ways but we're apparently on the same path. Does it make sense to anyone else if I say...I think we're all on the way to the Moon !!! 

Does anyone else feel the messages given to others...sound like they're meant for you...and for me?? I keep feeling that. Even last night at the Mystical Moon Ray Sette gave messages to Laurie, who was seated next to me....we're both writing books....with more in the wind, we're both channeling energy from our guides and the spiritual realm.....we even both have sons named Jimmy ....there are changes coming...for all of us. The connections I believe will only get stronger. I wonder if it's me....I keep waiting, wondering when the rest of the group will start to share more of their thoughts and feelings...talk about the changes happening with them....tell their stories. There is wisdom in everyones stories...only if you share it.... does it do the good it was meant to do. Lessons are out there in every twist and turn of our lives....they are meant to be shared. 

Spirit keeps telling me to make the time....make the time to meditate...to learn, to write, to share, to be more of who I really am inside....to make stronger connections. So, this is me, trying to poke all of you, in the side....just a little....to share more of yourself.....to tell your stories and feelings. To make the stronger/strongest connections with the rest of us.

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Comment by Laurie Barraco on November 18, 2012 at 11:29am

How perfect. We are so connected! Yes let's share the messages! We are creating a lot more with the Life on The Moon channel where we all can share in a group setting.

I am going to feature this post.

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