How do I get rid of negative energy and bring in good energy?


As a Shaman, one of the questions I am asked the most is how do I keep good energy around me and get rid of negative energy?
Well, all of us can relate to these questions as everyone has experienced being in a negative environment or around negative people or even just chaotic energy (think the mall at Xmas time LOL). This is something that we deal with everyday and it is unavoidable, but there are some things that you can do to help yourself and to clean up your aura and your physical space.  The first thing is to be aware of the energy that you are putting/sending out, your emotional and mental energy will ripple back to you and will also effect those around you. Only you can manage this and it indeed it is your responsibility to do so, that being said oftentimes we are not aware that there is negativity around us that is contributing to our 'bad mood' or 'irritability' or 'stagnation'. We are all connected to each other and our energy affects everyone, so once we start to be responsible and take action to clean up then we can start to be more aware of how we can 'hold' our own energy in check.

One of the best ways to clear energy is to use Sage and a specially made feather fan and abalone shell. Sage smoke  has long been used by Shamans to carry away low vibrations, all you do is place a few leaves of it in the Shell, the shell represents Mother Earth and the cleansing energy of water.  Once in the shell you use fire to create the smoke, fire represents transmutation or change and the smoke is the air carrying the low vibrations up to heaven for change. Use the feather fan to waft the sage smoke from the shell around you and around your space, the feathers are the wings of the bird carrying the energy up. You can say a prayer asking for the Light to clear you and your home/office etc. Pray for the highest good and Light to clear any unwanted energy. After you have done this you could also use some Sweet grass, again this has been used for eons and Sweet grass brings in good vibrations and attracts the Light. You would use the grass like the sage, waft it around yourself and then your space. So, with the Sage you clear and with the Sweet grass you bring in. I suggest that when you do this you open all the doors to your space so that the smoke can leave and take up your prayers. 

Take a moment afterwards to notice the difference, you may also wish to see your house bathed in a golden light. Take some time to sit and meditate and feel your own energy as you feel the Light vibrations filling you and surrounding you. 
I have included a link for my online store so that you may purchase your supplies from the comfort of your own home/office.  Click here.
Rev. Samantha Banks

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