I rarely ask for good thoughts and healing, but I have a problem. I have been given 3 days to move. Notice sent via text sent to me by the "house manager" not the landlord but claims its from him.  landlord originally agreed to give me time to find a new job and get truck fixed. before rent would be an issue. Im only 3 weeks behind. I have been here almost a year. 18th will be a year. I have never caused problems and only ever been late once with rent and it was fixed quickly and in full. considering my truck only goes 25mph due to a transfer case/tranny issue diving back to my "home" town will be next to impossible not to mention my stuff will not all fit in the bed of truck without getting a trailer for most of it. and since its Friday and was told too late in day, I cant call a lawyer to find out if he can do this and I cant wait till Monday as that's when I have to be out by. So me and my furbabies need positive thoughts to get through this while I try to relocate with no money and at the moment no where to go.

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Comment by Laurie Barraco on May 4, 2013 at 7:10am

You've got it! Sending healing thoughts your way!

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