Dear one, the time is now to bring forth the word. The word of goodness, grace of love and light. As you continue here today remember this, we are all here, we are all one. For you are all one. A new time is shared upon us, for all of us to continue on our own journeys. Bringing forth the light the love, as you do this, not in fear. The vibration on the planet continues to raise. Bringing forth the compassion. Enjoy the grace the goodness shining so bright.  That all can see to find their way, on their journey, to their goodness, to their light, into the love. Dear ones, we are all shining bright. Shining, to continue in the night.

Do not fret, do not fright. We are here, and delight!  Delight in what's right. It's why you are here, and you are doing it! Bringing forth the word of goodness, grace and of love. Continue Dear ones. We want to continue, we rejoice in the beauty of all that you bring forth. Continue

Grace is upon us this night. Enjoy the love of God,  and his grace is upon us, each and everyone of you are a part of this. Grace upon us. Upon this earth and upon this planet. We rejoice, in Grace Upon us.

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