Stripped-down, shamed, exposed, Naked, and lost unable to move for fear is ever paralyzing.


Light shines bright on my darkest deeds held on display for the world to see.


Death is my sentence to be carried out. I know I must die for my sins.


I stand before my accusers unable to move. There is a slight glisten of condensation as tears slowly brush my cheeks, and fall as if great drops to the cold hard ground where I will soon be going.


I know I deserve to be here. I know I’ve done wrong. I set my eyes to the ground too ashamed to look at all the accusing faces, as they pass judgment over me.


Waiting is the worst. I’m waiting for the first blow, for the first painful strike. I wonder briefly how long it’ll take for me to die.


My body clenches in anticipation each muscle constricts. Waiting is the worst.


Yet as I stand here for death to clame me nothing comes. My eyes sneak a peek to the crowd. They all stand there holding their weapons of mass destruction unmoving with no one willing to throw the first stone.


It is almost as if I feel invisible. They no longer look at me with accusing eyes. Their eyes are burnt inward into each one of their own lives, their own sins shown brightly. It is I who now glares at each of them in astonishment.


One by one they leave me dropping their weapons to the cold hard ground to which moments before I thought I would be going.


Each stone that hits the ground is like a weight that is slowly but surely being lifted off my shoulders.


Soon I stand there alone shaking; yet I’m not alone as I once suspected. I feel a warm blanket cover my cold body, and it enfolds me in a warmth I have never known before.


My eyes find those of my salvation, and I am horrified when I see. The scars that should’ve been mine are now his. His body shows signs of torture and pain, and with each bruised mark I see on his skin, it almost seems to scream my name, and my eyes just as quickly hit the ground in unimaginable Shame.


Tears run uncontrollably down my eyes. “My Lord, my God, I do not understand.” Before I was able to utter another word Jesus grabbed my hand. I could feel the warmth of peace, love, acceptance, and Grace coming from that hand.


He looked in my eyes and said to me. “I paid the price for all your sins. In my father’s eyes you are clean, you’re shameless, your spotless, your pure, you’re my daughter, and I love you.


Now go and sin no more. Remember this day, and remember your salvation. Tell others how I have changed your life so I may do the same for them as I have done for you.”


I barely blinked and he was gone. There was no one around me I was by myself wrapped in a blanket and filled with warmth, love, peace, and grace that permeated my heart and flowed out of me like an all-consuming fire.



So I go out into the world and share what God has done for me. I tell others how he can change them, just as he changed me. I tell them of his love, his mercy, his grace, and his forgiveness.


I tell them there is nothing they can do that he can’t forgive, and all they need to do is call out to him. That day I walked through the fire, but because of my Savior I was not burned, or consumed by it. Instead I became the fire, and now I shall set the world ablaze.


By Deanna Bridges

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Comment by Laurie Barraco on January 24, 2014 at 6:14am

Very powerful! Thank you Deanna ~

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