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March's Influences - Eclipses - Changes

March's Affirmations

  • Miracles are all around me
  • When I am still, I hear the voice of my spirit
  • I allow changes to occur with trust
  • I am a spark of the divine intelligence 
  • As life flows, I trust in the divine order of events
  • It is easy for me to maneuver through my challenges
  • I create with joy and love

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Crystal of The Week -


Key Words: Positive, blessings , psychic vision, healing, protection, improvement 

Shungite is an ancient stone that is said to bring blessings to those who keep it in their auric field. It is a very protective stone, both physically and psychically, offering protection from physical harm and also physic attack. Shungite has so many healing qualities and health benefits I couldn't list them all, you can use this stone for any physical, emotional or mental ailment, it literally heals on every level including spiritually with focus on the aura. 

Physically: Shungite is an all around healer and promotes health and longevity. It is beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia, arthritis, headaches, liver or kidney disease, respiratory issues, high blood pressure, back pain, cancer, infection, to name a few. This stone is referred to by many as the “Stone of Life” due to its massive array of healing properties. 

Emotionally: Shungite will bring calmness and ease anxiety just by being near it. It will help those who have a fear of physical harm or death, those who are dealing with any type of emotional disorder or irrational fear. 

Spiritually: Shungite will surround the auric field with white light that penetrates the aura and shields it from negativity or bad energies.  Shungite is a grounding stone that helps to form a connection to the Earth energies, it protects against the evil eye and psychic attack. Shungite will help those who are working on psychic development as well as those who have already developed their gift, it will help to bring forth clear psychic visions and help the reader to make clear interpretations. 

Usage: When used during magic it is said that shungite will bring in ancients spirits for protection. Drink a shungite elixir to detox and heal the body (see note). Place in your bath and soak for healing. Use during Reiki sessions or other modalities for healing. Place in the center of the room of a rowdy bunch to bring calmness and peace. 


Chakra: Root
Astrological: Cancer
Element: Water
Tarot: The Wheel 

Please Note: When making a Shungite Elixir, use the indirect method. You can do this by placing purified water in a glass and then placing that glass in a larger glass bowl. Put the shungite in the bowl, not the glass of water. Cover this with a thin cloth and place it under the moon or in the sun light. You can drink the glass of water or add it a larger pitcher of water. You can also add vodka to it, place some in a bottle with a dropper and put a few drops in your drinking water every time you fill your glass. 

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Spell of The Week   

Eliminate  Gossip


Red candle

Whole cloves

Sporadically stick the cloves into the red candle. Say a prayer as your light the candle asking for the gossip to stop, and as always, harm none. Allow the candle to burn completely. 

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Essential Oil of The Month

Sage (Salvia Officinalis) 

Aroma- Fresh, warm-spicy, herbaceous, somewhat camphoraceous

Properties -  antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, cholagogue and choleretic, cicatrisant, depurative, digestive, disinfectant, emenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, laxative and stimulating substance.

Benefits for massage and skincare 

Sage oil is used in skincare to reduce signs of aging, prevent wrinkles and sagging skin, can prevent cracks and scars and can reduce spots and marks. It is beneficial to skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis and it can help reduce the size pf pores. It can also be used to control oily hair, dandruff and can be added to shampoo for a deeper cleanse. 

If added to a carrier oil, sage oil can be used to relax sore muscles and the neck as well as ease trembles. If you suffer from any type of female reproductive issues, sage oil can be massaged over the lower abdomen to relieve pain and irregularities. 

Medicinal Uses :  Sage oil is beneficial for digestive problems and is often used as a laxative. It can also be used to help treat respiratory problems, problems with menstruation, fungal infections, and skin problems. This oil inhibits the growth of bacteria and has even been used to help kill the E-Coli virus. Sage oil regulates menstrual cycle and activates hormones such as estrogen. It can be helpful to those who suffer from Alzheimer's by improving cognitive function. Sage oil can help reduce and eliminate gingivitis and improve the gums, it can also reduce the symptoms of the Herpes Virus, sooth a sore throat and reduce pain after surgery. 

Add a few drops of sage oil to your diffuser if you or someone in your home is sick to help kill the germs and keep them from spreading. 

Emotional Uses- If used as aromatherapy, sage oil can be beneficial for depression, anxiety and grief. If dealing with depression or anxiety, place a drop of sage oil on your palm, rub them together and breathe deeply, focus on releasing the emotion and bringing in white light. 

Spiritual Properties  - Cleansing, purifying, mentally uplifting

Sage has long been used to rid a person, place or thing of negative energies or influences. Just as burning sage is beneficial for spiritual cleansing and purification, sage essential oil can be diffused for the same purpose, just set the intention as you prepare the diffuser, turn it on and breathe deeply just as you do when you burn sage. 

Magical Properties: Immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and the granting of wishes.

Wear sage oil as a perfume for protection. Make a sage mist with sage essential oil, purified water, witch hazel and a clear quartz crystal, spray it around your home or office to remove negative energies and influences. Spray it on your pillow for wisdom and healing through your dreams and to calm an overactive mind or to rid yourself of negative thoughts or residue from the passing day. 

Folklore: The use of sage for rituals and spiritual cleansing has long been used in many traditions, Native Americans, Celtic druids and Romans to name a few, all having the same idea that sage purifies people, places and objects. Although more commonly used by burning or carrying leaves, today, sage essential oil can and does serve the same purpose.

The most commonly known traditional use of sage is by the Native Americans. Sage was one of the four sacred herbs along with sweet grass, cedar and tobacco. Sage was widely during ceremonies for cleansing, purifying, bringing visions and messages from Spirit and preparing a person for ritual work. 

The Romans used sage for the purpose on contacting the dead and cleansing themselves and their space before prayer and rituals. 

The Celtic druids used sage to increase knowledge and visions during ritual work as well as cleansing. 

Magic Oil Recipe 

Sage Mist 


Small Spray bottle, preferable amber color

Sea salt

Purified water

Witch hazel

Clear quartz

Fill your bottle 3/4 full with the purified water, the quartz crystal, 1/2 tablespoon sea salt, 10-20 drops of sage essential oil and top it off with witch hazel.

Use for cleansing purposes or spray on your pillow for wisdom and healing while you sleep. 

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Meditation of the Month - The Sphinx 

Goddess of the Month - 

Cerridwen (Ker-RID-Wen) 

Cerridwen was worshiped by the Ancient Celts as the Goddess of knowledge, the underworld and the waning moon. She is often referred to as the “Keeper of the Cauldron”, where it is said that she holds the secrets to life itself. She represents the crone aspect of the triple goddess and is viewed as the patron Goddess of witches and wizards. Her magical cauldron symbolizes wisdom, rebirth, prosperity and power of magic. 

Her magical attributes include the moon, the muse, shapeshifting and the herbal arts. Cerridwen herself symbolizes luck, the moon, spells, witchcraft, element of earth, death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, the arts, science, poetry and astrology/zodiac.

Cerridwen is often depicted as an old wise woman with white hair that represents her crone aspect, stirring her magical cauldron with her totems, the sow and the hen, by her side. It is said that she stirred a magic potion in her cauldron for a year and a day and that it would supply three drops, these three drops would grant the receiver wisdom of the past, the knowledge of the present and the secrets of the future.   

Cerridwen had two children, a daughter who was pretty and filled with light which symbolized Cerridwens positive attributes and a son, who was dark and ugly who symbolized Cerridwens darker side. Legend says that Cerridwen yet again brewed a potion in her magical cauldron for a year and a day from collected magical herbs and gave it to her son which gave him the gift of inspiration and knowledge to make up for his hideousness. 

Invite Cerridwen to join you during magic and spell work, ask for her assistance and knowledge to know what spells or magic to perform, what ingredients to use and to increase your personal power. 

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Power Animal of the Month - 




The lives in between the past and the future bringing messages from Spirit, those who have passed and from deity. The crow lives by intuition with a watchful eye on his surroundings alerting others of intruders, predators and incoming danger, their nests are built at the tops of trees as they live at a higher perspective, literally and spiritually. The crow symbolizes creation, a higher perspective, fearlessness, witchcraft, death manipulation and mischievousness. Crows live in the void having no sense of time or space allowing them to see the past and the present alike. The crow learns from past experiences applies the knowledge in the now, growing and developing from each experience in life. 


The time for change is here, the time for change is now. The crow encourages you to let go of the old self and to start anew, releasing everything that is keeping you from being your authentic self. Take the time to get to know yourself on a deeper level, set aside time to be alone with your thoughts, are you living up to your full potential? Is your life what you want it to be? Are you who you want to be? What do you make time for? What do you waste time doing? The crow encourages you to make shifts in your spiritual life, allow the old thoughts to perish and create space for deeper levels of spiritual understanding. Press forward, are you developing your personal self  and searching for your truth? The crow will lead you into the hidden realms of spiritual growth, he will bring messages from Spirit, follow the crows lead, listen to the messages and apply the knowledge you have gained. Trust your intuition and stay true to yourself, it will guide you through life’s most difficult lessons, as you start to live your truth and your intuition grows so will your understanding of the mysteries of life.


In Celtic mythology the warrior goddess Morrighan was represented by the crow. It was said that she decided who walked off the battlefield and who was carried off. Celtic tradition states that Morrighan would be seen washing the armor of the ones who would die during the battle that day. 

In ancient Greece, the crow was resented by Apollo, the god of prophecy. The Greeks would use the crows as a tool of divination, depending on the color and the direction from which they flew.


I am willing to change 

I believe in magic 

I am open to higher levels of understanding

I am spiritually sound

I am open to transformation 

I stay true to myself 

I speak my truth 

I am connected to my Higher Self 

I am open to messages from Spirit 

Magic is all around me 

I release all that does not serve me 


As a totem, the crow provides insight and an understanding of the power of intention. If the crow has chosen you, it will help you to develop your power of prophetic sight, it will help you transform yourself spiritually which will then transform your life and it will help connect you to the magic of life. Working with the crow totem will help you to be more in touch with the subtle energies of life, you will feel the shifts and changes and the crow will guide you as you adapt to each. With the crow totem you must be mindful of your actions, walk your talk, stay true to yourself and know your mission. The crow is here to bring change, be open to the lesson yet to come. 



Black Tourmaline 





Black Kyanite 


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Metaphysical Teaching of the Month - Manifestation Grid

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