Tuesday was a day I was feeling a little disconnected. I wanted to write a blog about the new service I am offering at The Mystical Moon, but quite honestly I was having a hard time finding the right words. Rather than force them to come to me, I decided to follow my excitement and go for a drive and listen to some music. I chose a channel on the radio that could lead me to something new, rather than the usual tunes I could sing on autopilot, and took that time out of my day to reconnect with "me." It wasn't just the drive and the music that did it though. It was the crystals.

I stumbled on a Danburite crystal while out on my adventure and immediately was brought to tears when I held it in my hand. The healing was instantaneous. It moved me from my head, that was searching for all the right words and answers, back into my heart where I found them. As I drove back to the house, the understanding came in.

Some of you may remember when I used art and drawings as my medium for readings. I fell away from this because the time constraints often kept me from the presence required to receive the messages clearly. Each drawing with the timer running kept me somewhat in my head. Using my intuition is still commonplace, whether I'm just going about my daily life, helping a customer in the store, working with a friend or client, and even for the occasional commissioned piece. However, one thing I am not, is a fast artist, and I am okay with that. Art has taught me a great deal about divine creativity and my connection, and it will never be one of those things I prefer to rush because it is found most consistently in the space of the present moment. 

A few months ago while doing my evening practice of writing in my journal, my guides asked me to do a reading for myself using the crystals. I was too tired to do it that night and almost forgot until I was writing again the following evening. It was on that second night I decided to honor the request before I got too sleepy. The results were astonishing and familiar from the messages I received with the drawings, but without the pressure, and all of the presence. I began to tinker with it with friends and found the same healing occurring within these readings that came up when I used the art as the medium. This is when I made the decision to follow my guidance and begin switching my readings to the stones. 

The intuition of the client, combined with the energy of the stones, helps reveal many layers of energetic patterns going on in the clients current reality by having them choose the stones in the reading, just as the client would pick the cards with a tarot reading. The client does not have to know what the stones mean, this is what i am here for. By using the layouts and techniques my guidance team has taught me to use, we can discover these types of answers:

  • What your current blocks are that are preventing you from abundance in areas of your life- love, career, prosperity, health.
  • Where a person can make changes within their life to get more from their current experiences and challenges. Every situation is an opportunity.
  • Why energetically, your current circumstances have materialized in the way they have. Everything happens for a reason. 
  • How the current energetic circumstances are affecting your ability, both negatively and positively, to create and live more authentically, joyfully, and peacefully.
  • The who is you.
  • Then when? Well, that depends on the who.

After the reading, one will have a better idea of how to move forward in any situation they are looking for guidance on. These are just as much coaching sessions as they are intuitive readings. Last night on the chat wall I was asked if the question for the reading could be a specific one, like if they will get the house they want. Yes, you can. Remember though, the stones primary purpose is to exchange energy with you, so the answer may be offered more in how you can assist the energy of the question.

This assistance is not in any way a form of control or manipulation of the situation or outcome. It is assistance on what tangible things one can heal within one's self in order to clear the pathway of your inherent abundance as co-creator of your destiny that is available to you. The stones give us healing, and that is what one receives when finding the path back to the authentic self. The authentic self is not limited by fear and outmoded beliefs. The authentic self is your true core vibration that recognizes itself as a connected and limitless, divine being. The stones, minerals and crystals are here to help us shift, so we can pass on all that what we have been given- everything and All That Is.

I will be available for appointments on Fridays from 12-5pm to offer 30 minute sessions with the crystals. I am also in the main chat room on Wednesday nights from 8-9pm offering free one question readings. Just remember, the answers are shared on the main wall. I know this can be uncomfortable for some. However, it is a great way to hear a little bit about how the messages sound if you would any the further understanding of this new to The Moon technique.

Much love and blessings! I am grateful to have this opportunity to be of service to you and the All. <3 jodi



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Comment by Jodi Lynn LaMure on January 5, 2017 at 7:47pm
Hi Jen, right now the Wednesday night readings are only through the main chat wall. There is no video. I think the thread stays on the wall for a week, so the readings or suggestions for the people who asked a question may still be there to view. I do this every Wednesday and also offer 30 minute private sessions on fridays at the Bonita location. Let me know if this helps. If you can't get on to ask a question, you can inbox me the question and I'll answer them in the order they're received. That way you can go back and view the chat wall for the answer. Hope this helps;) -jodi
Comment by Jen McCartney on January 5, 2017 at 6:23pm
I missed this last night. I got signed on at the end. I have been getting back into my core beliefs that I let go if 16 years ago. Is there anyway I can view this after it post like you do for empower HR. Thank you for the help in getting me back to me.

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