My Name is Samantha Banks and as a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide it is my job to notice the signs in my life and to assist others in seeing them in their own. When we learn to read the signposts in the reflections of the world around us we can see how indeed our Soul and Spirit is communicating with us. These reflections help us to understand on a deeper level the nature of God and indeed our own divine nature, God teaches us through the animal kingdom and this has been called medicine by the anscestors. If we study it and pay attention then we will see that animals have a wisdom to be shared, this wisdom can help us in our own life.

This past week I noticed on four different occasions that I was in the company of groups of Ibis's, usually I see them BUT not four times within a few days, this was my cue that I needed to pay attention. I meditated on this and asked Ibis to teach me her medicine and I wish to share it with you, Ibis shared with me my what I needed to understand and I believe that it is my duty to share it with you dear reader....

The wisdom of Ibis has much to do with community, community with yourself and others. I noticed that they always travel in groups, but even though they do this there is an individuality about each one. Often times they will stand on one foot, whilst some others will stand on both, this symbolism suggested to me that being a part of the group is important and that in our different communities we should srtive be our beautiful unique selves also. The standing on one foot represented being in the world, but not of it, so one foot on the ground and another in higher worlds. Standing on one leg and being stable is about balance, being focussed and being able to concentrate and hold ones mind even in the midst of a group. It takes trust and faith to be able to stand on one foot, to know that one might fall and to take a chance anyway, this faith comes from a connection to a higher power. Trusting that in life we MUST challenge ourselves in order to grow and that falling down is also a part of that process. This is how we learn to stand on our own two feet!!!

Ibis spends alot of time pecking into the ground and standing on one foot although not at the same time, but it suggested an awareness of being physical (needing food and the Motrher Earth energies) and also an awareness higher consciousness as suggested earlier. This is a oneness with Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Because I saw several large groups in different places and in fact twice had to wait for them to cross the street in front of me I meditated on the behavior and location of the  communities of the Ibis's. Clearly when they crossed the road in front of me, I had to wait, I had to slow down, this was a teaching about patience ( I find myself being exasperated whilst driving lately LOL). It was also about having patience with others in our communities, people are moving at the pace that suits them and their soul always knows what it needs to get to the other side. We are individuals on the path and some of us are a little further ahead than others and yet, when one crosses the path we all do, we are in this together as one very large community. Know that wherever you go, you are a part of a community, whether it be the community of your immediate family, your friends, co-workers, Spiritual group or otherwise. Within our communities we have a chance to affect the consciousness of the group with our input (whether it be thoughts, words or actions) and our communities are linked to other communities through the human family community. This makes us responsible for each other and asks that we contribute to our communities with an understanding that when we do we affect the whole. The energy within our personal groups, we most notice this with our families is a microcosm, study this, you will learn much about yourself:) Are you nurturing your communities? Are you nurturing your own spiritual community within yourself,  I speak of your Soul and Spirit, your connection to God?

In Ibis communities there are sometimes dark colored one's, usually one or two only, although one group was nearly even numbered. The dark ones are not as aesthetically pleasing and yet they are more beautiful, they stand out from the crowd! This medicine was again about being ourselves, being unique and expressing our own unique qualities, no one can be YOU like YOU! I noticed these dark ones because they stood out and they represented the wayshowers , the teachers that we come across. Sometimes teachers are teachers in a more traditional way and othertimes they are teachers for us in understanding our own nature, reflections of our own shadow selves, that which seeks the purity of the white Ibis. 

As the saying goes, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is important recognize that beauty in all things, even in our own shadow nature, when we can we 'see' where we need the Light. This can be a challenging part of Ibis medicine, but oh so worthwhile if we are willing look beyond immediate appearances. It is also about accepting ourselves and others, the good, the bad and the ugly and not judging, this will open us up to learning. When we have preconceived ideas we shut down.

To summarize the Ibis medicine i will say this;

It is good to be different, we are unique within our communities, we are an essential part of our communities, our personal ones and universal ones. Think human, animal, plant, dimensional etc. Sometimes we stand on our two feet and othertimes we need each other to lean on, we cannot do this journey without every single one of us. What we do affects everyone and everything, therefore we should be responsible, loving, good humans.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it. Mother Nature has so mch to share with us if we will only pay attention.


Samantha Banks


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Comment by Samantha Louise Banks on December 5, 2012 at 10:22am

Hey Kathy,

Thank you for your comment, I write these things for others and in doing so we learn together. We are all here to learn from one another, this is way that God intended, it would no fun at all alone:) I am glad that you were able to receive something from this:) I will be writing lots more.... 


Comment by Katherine Snitker on December 4, 2012 at 7:24pm

Samantha, I loved reading your blog about the Ibis. I loved how you looked at the world and what you thought and felt it was teaching you/saying to you. Life might be more rewarding for all of us ....if we looked at the world the way you did...asking what the lesson was...what the meanings were. Keep sharing...I'm sure I'll learn more...and think more about my connections with the animals in my world. I love it when others share...I'm here to learn and I love this....you gave me a lot to think about.

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