I wrote this after reading a book titled Life after Death by Damien Echols.  I don’t know why it had this effect on me…but it did.

 My psyche is being tugged on as if it is caught in a fish hook of empathy.  I cannot explain the sensation nor do I know why it has a hold of me at this moment.

I seem to go thru these whimsical breathless realities of hope that stop me momentarily from moving forward.

Why is it that a hopeful thought would cause a state of inertia to envelop me with such intensity I cannot breathe?

My heart is so completely open at this moment that I am terrified.  I don’t want to be reeled in by the unknown.  I prefer to study it from afar.

The safety of distance is appealing from all angles but change doesn’t happen and help does not come to those who remain aloof.

I want to reach out and I want to touch the physical world.

I want to make a difference in my life…. in his life…. in her life…. in their life.

Courage does not come my way often and when it does, it’s a brief and intense visit lacking mobility.

If I can only find a way to hold on to 3% of the intensity, it has the potential to change hundreds of lives.

DON’T GO………………….PLEASE STAY…………….I long to nourish you so that your will and intensity develop enough to stand on its own merits of peace and love.  From there…………it is up to me.

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Comment by Laurie Barraco on September 24, 2013 at 5:01am

I haven't heard of this book Dana, it looks as if it had a strong impact on you.

Sounds to me as if there is a lot of shifting and opening for you :)

Thank you for sharing :)

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