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Life is Happening...

So much has occurred since my last blog, which was over two years ago! Where has the time gone? Need to work on being more aware of my surroundings so that time doesn't slip through my fingers again... ;)

I'm living in Hillsboro, Oregon, which is a huge difference from Florida. It's much more green, and I love a way. There are certain aspects that I could do without, such as winter and the constant rain that accompanies it. Either way, Oregon has really broadened my horizons…


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My Dearest King;My Beloved

All it took was a second, to strike like lightning, as I flip through a mutual friends pictures on Facebook. I saw you face, I didn’t know your name, but I knew your soul, over whelmed with emotion, I couldn’t explain, I couldn’t put into words, I began to shake, the tears rolled down my cheeks. I knew you from a past life, as my lover, as my soul mate, a life I didn’t know existed until I saw your face, I didn’t believe in such things, but as sure as the sky is blue, I knew you.…


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I did my first reading blind today as I like to call it. I didn't read from the book provided word for word and I didn't read directly from my cards word for word. I delved into my intuition and helped clarify some things for a special friend of mine whom I have never met but have spoken with for quite a few months online and over the phone. I'm still new to tarot reading as this is my second reading only, but I'm hoping that this leads to many readings in the future.



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