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I'm more Thankful than ever before.

Just wanted to take a minute to say....I am Thankful for the ladies at the Moon and the fact that they have made such a GREAT place for us all to work on being the best we can explore our paths and learn who we take classes and receive guidance from our guides, guardians and passed over loved ones. It took me a few years to finally find I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for them being in my life these days.



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I can't see you !!!

Is there anybody else here??????

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I'm really starting to feel the connections between us

I wonder at all the new things I am feeling, and starting to truly understand these days. Between meditation, classes, my automatic writing and reading....I am getting more and more messages.....more and more understanding and even more of a connection between all of us. One of the first things I noticed between us...we're all writing...we're all trying to share our light and lighten the path for others...we all have something to say and .....WE'RE SAYING IT. We might be doing it in…


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The topic for last night's Psychic Development Class was clairvoyance. …


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wanted friends

merry meet  my name is violet moon  I am new to the N. ft. myers area  I am looking for friendship

and many friends to share in the craft   ideas , spells and lessons  my speciality is tarot  and will give anyone

a  free three card reading.   outside of the craft  i enjoy…


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Congrats to both Joanna and Laurie for the new CD....keep them coming ladies. We loved it and you are on your way to even greater abundance and spiritual advancement for the services you are producing. Luck and love, with all your sales, now and in the future.

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An altar is a focus point, an honoring of the divine when we would like to connect to Spirit for prayer, ritual, ceremony or for…

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Reading with Laurie today

This morning I had my first reading with Laurie and have to say.....I wish, I still had that kind of energy...(all totally, high positive energy).... that she has. I can't remember the last time I've been around anyone who is so constantly up and so positive....... It's refreshing to see and feel her glow of positivity. Her smile and face light up from her energy flow.

My life has been on a long, hard tract, to fulfill my dreams and find prosperity but I have to admit I'm wearing down…


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