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The Nature of Personal Reality

Since Laurie mentioned the Nature of Personal Reality in her online presentation last Wednesday, that will be the book from which I will choose another quote. Seth claims that when you read The Nature of Personal Reality it can open up other strands of consciousness which is what I believe happened when Laurie said her dreams were crazy after reading it that night.


“When you affirm your own rightness in the universe, then you cooperate with others easily and automatically as…


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Guidance with Grace

Dear one, the time is now to bring forth the word. The word of goodness, grace of love and light. As you continue here today remember this, we are all here, we are all one. For you are all one. A new time is shared upon us, for all of us to continue on our own journeys. Bringing forth the light the love, as you do this, not in fear. The vibration on the planet continues to raise. Bringing forth the compassion. Enjoy the grace the goodness shining so…


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Seth Quote

I am new to the online community but not new to Laurie and the “Moon”.  I went to the Mystical Moon about 15 years ago because Laurie was the only one to sell a variety of Seth books. For those of you who don’t know, Seth calls himself a “personality essence” channeled through a woman (Jane Roberts). Her husband recorded everything that was said when she was in trance and these transcripts eventually led to books.

In addition, Jane Roberts was also a writer and wrote many other books…


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Guidance with Grace

Felt I needed to share this message from my guidance. Enjoy!

You come here today Dear one with the remembrance.

The remembrance of who, when, past, present and future.  

Dear one continue on this path of enlightenment. Continue to allow all the goodness and grace to flow through you and to every human, plant and animal. For this gift of light brings hope to the world and humanity. Dear…


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