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Feng Shui

Fu Hsi was a philosopher who later became emperor of China. He also is known as the father of feng shui as we know it today because he used the energetic principles and applied them to buildings and dwellings. Feng shui is the arranging of items in areas of your home to create the most balance with the energy within. This balance also takes into the consideration the elements, the directions, and the energy of the people who live within the home. There is also a map, called a bagua map,…


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remember gratitude

to all who read this post I  would like to remind everyone that gratitude is the key to happiness even be thankful

for little things like sunshine the elements, our friends ,neighbors , some one holding open a door when our arms are

full, just  say thank you to everything…


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One Helpful Person Coming Right Up!

One Helpful Person Coming Right Up!

We are sent help from Spirit each and every day. We may not realize this all of the time.

If you are desiring to manifest a level of…

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Reincarnation and Karma


I have always been one to believe in reincarnation. I don't really know why, it just made sense to me and therefore resonated well with me. I never understood the dynamics of it, but even as a young child I believed that I lived prior lives before. Growing up, I even had "dreams" or perhaps recollections of these prior lives, sometimes as men, sometimes as children, sometimes as older women. I don't know how to explain how these dreams just "felt" different…


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Change is in the air, is it Spring???

I realize that many things are changing. They're changing inside me, they're changing all around me. Is it the astronomical alignments? The birth of spring again? Are we at that stage, where we go from cocoon to butterflies? My energy and vibrations are getting higher and finer with each meditation. I'm opening and changing with each rotation of the clock. Are you feeling it too? I don't know if I should scratch or try to ignore the itch ! I'm going within and spending time in silence,… Continue

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Grief is an interesting topic for me. I know that people grieve differently and that people react to grief differently as well. I have actually started and stopped this blog about grief several times over the last few months and I am finally ready to finish it. I have often reflected as to why it was so hard for me to write about something so common. We all have dealt with grief; it is part of our human experience. Through the passing of a loved one, a deep loss or disappointment, grief is…


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