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Many teachers keeps the knowledge real.

I think, I learned something new this week, while visiting the Moon. I learned that it takes many teachers to help you find what is real for you. Not one, can truly do it ( Unless of course, that one....is YOU! ). I believe I learned that all of us...see the world, and make up, our own version of it for ourselves....what works for one, doesn't always work for all. I believe it's best to be able to hear, see and feel many perspectives of belief so we can draw our own conclusions for ourselves.… Continue

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Words of Wisdom from my Guide

As I was working yesterday, these words came to me as I was centered in my work. Strange times to getting messages from my guide Merlin. Anyway, I thought I would share. Thank you and have a great Valentine's Day Night!

~ Ego from the mind is what makes us blind. Ego from the heart is what makes us strong~

~Genius does not come from the mind but from the heart and its intuition. From here is the spark of knowing. From here all things are…


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The Journey of the Fool

Hi There,
Apologies, but it has been awhile since I have blogged and this is in part because I wanted to take a moment and look at and reevaluate what I am creating in life. You see in the beginning of the Summer my world and what I was doing changed significantly…

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February 10, 2013 Mind, Body, and Spirit

February 10, 2013 Mind, Body, Spirit


Earlier this week, I read one of those Spiritual quotes about mind, body, and spirit. Usually, I read those, they touch me briefly, and I move on about my day. This time, however, I started thinking about how important this trinity is: mind, body, and spirit. I recently started working out again, as I was 14 years ago when I started dating my partner, Frank. Fourteen years ago, I was working on my body to undo what having two children and…


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A New Beginning, Some Food for Thought

Well... This is my first blog post.

Not sure how to start things off or what I'm suppose to say. I have much guided wisdom and a lot to say. Unfortunately there aren't many people in my life to share these thoughts with and been feeling the urge to branch out and share what I am with the world in hopes I may inspire, help heal, and or bring joy to people's lives.

So if this post out of line I do apologize. Not that the content would offend for I am not the type to offend…


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What Valentines Day means to me

First I have to say, it's the day I decided to come into this world...( this incarnation.) I chose the time, the day and the parents who would give me the life lessons and challenges I would need to make traveling my path all it needed to be. Now as I approach the golden age of joining the Medicare Club, I also find I have reached the golden light age of spiritual awakening. I have been on this journey for most of my adult life. I have stumbled and fallen a couple times as I walked my path.…


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February 2013

Hello Everyone!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to write something about love. When I pictured love, I thought of hearts. When I thought of hearts, I thought of my father. He and my mom recently came to visit and he ended up needing to have two stints put into his heart. Yes, this topic is very far from Valentine's Day, but it is how the thoughts in my mind work. Something like that, but much much faster. At any rate, thinking about my dad's heart procedure got me thinking…


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