January 2013 Blog Posts (5)

Channeling with Z

I have been channeling from spirit and have been getting some interesting information that I would like to pass on and share. For anyone interested here are some pearls of wisdom ( at least they feel like truth coming through,to me.)Many of them will sound familar.....but were you listening when you heard them before??? They are all small simple things you can do.

Each person must "WORK" towards enlightenment...it's not a free ride, if you aren't willing to put in..... time in… Continue

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Craniosacral therapy with Joanna today

Let me say, this was, an interesting and wonderful experience for me:I could feel energy coming from Joanna's touch today. Her touch sent waves of energy and color not only through my mind and third eye, but also my body. She has the touch and I know I will be seeing a lot more of Joanna in my future. I would recommend a vist and treatment with Joanna, to anyone, and everyone.

From some of my first meetings and classes with Joanna, I knew she is a very grounded woman of the Earth.… Continue

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I am a Princess! My Daddy is the king of the kings

So I went to the Disney Princess ladies conference and it hit me hard. She talked a little bit about guilt and shame, and how guilt is knowing “yeah that’s right I did something wrong”, but how shame says I am wrong and there's a big difference. We talked about how God doesn't make any mistakes, and she went in to Genesis all the way back to the beginning in the garden of Eden. And right after Adam and…


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How do I get rid of negative energy and bring in good energy?


As a Shaman, one of the questions I am…

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My Dearest King;My Beloved

All it took was a second, to strike like lightning, as I flip through a mutual friends pictures on Facebook. I saw you face, I didn’t know your name, but I knew your soul, over whelmed with emotion, I couldn’t explain, I couldn’t put into words, I began to shake, the tears rolled down my cheeks. I knew you from a past life, as my lover, as my soul mate, a life I didn’t know existed until I saw your face, I didn’t believe in such things, but as sure as the sky is blue, I knew you.…


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