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The Nature of Personal Reality

Since Laurie mentioned the Nature of Personal Reality in her online presentation last Wednesday, that will be the book from which I will choose another quote. Seth claims that when you read The Nature of Personal Reality it can open up other strands of consciousness which is what I believe happened when Laurie said her dreams were crazy after reading it that night.


“When you affirm your own rightness in the universe, then you cooperate with others easily and automatically as…


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Guidance with Grace

Dear one, the time is now to bring forth the word. The word of goodness, grace of love and light. As you continue here today remember this, we are all here, we are all one. For you are all one. A new time is shared upon us, for all of us to continue on our own journeys. Bringing forth the light the love, as you do this, not in fear. The vibration on the planet continues to raise. Bringing forth the compassion. Enjoy the grace the goodness shining so…


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Seth Quote

I am new to the online community but not new to Laurie and the “Moon”.  I went to the Mystical Moon about 15 years ago because Laurie was the only one to sell a variety of Seth books. For those of you who don’t know, Seth calls himself a “personality essence” channeled through a woman (Jane Roberts). Her husband recorded everything that was said when she was in trance and these transcripts eventually led to books.

In addition, Jane Roberts was also a writer and wrote many other books…


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Guidance with Grace

Felt I needed to share this message from my guidance. Enjoy!

You come here today Dear one with the remembrance.

The remembrance of who, when, past, present and future.  

Dear one continue on this path of enlightenment. Continue to allow all the goodness and grace to flow through you and to every human, plant and animal. For this gift of light brings hope to the world and humanity. Dear…


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Crystal Readings: The Path Back to Self

Tuesday was a day I was feeling a little disconnected. I wanted to write a blog about the new service I am offering at The Mystical Moon, but quite honestly I was having a hard time finding the right words. Rather than force them to come to me, I decided to follow my excitement and go for a drive and listen to some music. I chose a channel on the radio that could lead me to something new, rather than the usual tunes I could sing on autopilot, and took that time out of my day to reconnect…


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Do You Know About The Sanctuary??

Namaste Dear One...

Please enjoy your time in The Sanctuary. Each month we offer…


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willows tarot

Greetings ,

And thank you  . I am thankful  to be apart of the Group  here on the Moon  .

I am a Tarot  reader,  born Intuitive  , to  guides and angels  .  I will  answer  up to 5 questions   via email

or  phone  .  I am a  an angel card reader , and therapist   helping you connect with your angels .

Contact me  with  your questions  about  love, money career , .    Let your journey begin here with me  .

I can help you find your life &spiritual path…


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Never Again the Burning Times

For those that haven't been following what was horribly dubbed 'The Blue Moon Triple Murder' from July 28th in Pensacola FL, I urge you to do so. Whether or not you are Pagan, the misrepresentation of our faith and misleading comments about our practices made by both the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and several news stations, are not only false, but they have laid the groundwork for the next wave of hate crimes.

Following the discovery of three tragic murders, the unresearched and…


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Peace from Broken PIeces

I just couldn't say it better myself...powerful message for us all...
Many of us think that our power is a tool or a weapon, but, in fact, power is a state of being, the way you see, hold and handle yourself in the world that then determines your experiences. The external world can only respond to the way you hold and handle yourself internally. If you show up as weak, broken, confused and dazed, the world is going to respond to you that way. If you show up as confident, kind,…

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So, so many years. Maybe 35.

Hi Mary Alice.

We used to play together at the little metaphysical shop at College and McGregor. Our boys played baseball together downtown when they were maybe 10 years old. Scott is 45 now. My how time flies. Who was the psychic lady from the beach? Her boyfriend was Wally. Do you remember Michael?  Looking forward to seeing you at the Mystical Moon.

Karen Tice

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Life is Happening...

So much has occurred since my last blog, which was over two years ago! Where has the time gone? Need to work on being more aware of my surroundings so that time doesn't slip through my fingers again... ;)

I'm living in Hillsboro, Oregon, which is a huge difference from Florida. It's much more green, and I love a way. There are certain aspects that I could do without, such as winter and the constant rain that accompanies it. Either way, Oregon has really broadened my horizons…


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Instrumental Music for Meditation

From the time I was a little girl, I remember being able to hear, smell and see things nobody else could. Apparently born with hyper senses, it wasn't until I was much older that I realized everyone else didn't notice the same little things, and couldn't hear the ticks of a clock, or know what the neighbor's were having for dinner.

Depending on the occasion, my supersonic hearing can be a blessing or a curse. For instance, when my family flies in to the airport - I know a good 15-30…


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Laurie Barraco's Professional Psychic Training & Certification

Class Dates: April 5th Pro Training I   -   June 7th Pro Training II  -   August 2nd Pro Training…


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Wanted One Psychic Question For My Professional Psychics In Training

Wanted ~ One Psychic Question For My Professional Psychics In Training

I am a firm believer that practice and experience make the difference between an okay psychic reader…

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Sheltered or Blessed?

As I was walking out of my son's day care today, I passed through the garden of the Unitarian Universalist church on which the campus of his Montessori school is located. I looked at the meditation garden, the barrels collecting the rain water, the pole in the middle of the garden with all of the different languages written on it to represent God or Spirit, the banner exclaiming how we are all equal, and I thought about where I am in life now. It led me to wonder how I got to where I am…


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Stripped-down, shamed, exposed, Naked, and lost unable to move for fear is ever paralyzing.



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Organizing Crystals

I just wanted to make a quick post to share my album on using the Evernote App as a learning and organizational tool for your crystals from The Mystical Moon.

Find more photos like this on The Mystical Moon

To go directly to the album either click on the images, or use the direct link…


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Thoughts on Dreams and Astral Travel

When I was growing up, what I remember most about lucid dreaming and astral travel were encounters with undesirable (to me) entities and flying. I won't go too much into encounters, but will share that I frequently flew after my head hit the pillow. I often flew high over my school or even around in the basement. It's been awhile since I've been able to recall flying, but I'd like to think I'm just not remembering.

When considering my dreams and astral travel experiences as an adult,…


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My morning meditation took me to a memory of when I was 17 years old and in college. I had a dream, the first dream I ever had in which I could see faces, of my boyfriend making out with another girl. The "feel" of this dream was different. It bothered me deeply all day. My friends tried to assure me that it was just a dream, but I couldn't shake the feel of it. After my classes that day, I drove the 45 minutes to his house. The girl from my dream answered the door and I was dumbfounded.…


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When I was a little, I was never really close with girls. As I got older, it continued. Looking back, I think that being psychic made me overly sensitive to their judgment of how I looked, what I was wearing, which boy I was friends with, or whatever other hundreds of reasons girls come up with to not like another girl. I never understood that feeling around girls, so I mostly stayed…


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