The Sanctuary

Are you looking to grow spiritually? Looking to learn more about crystals, spells, power animals, gods/goddesses and more? You have come to the right place!

The Mystical Moon Online Community is pleased to introduce you to The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is here to provide guidance, inspiration and information through our team of High Priestesses, so that you can tap in and better utilize the energies that are most powerful at the right time. All of the information presented is designed to help you better focus your intuitive and metaphysical development.

You also have the opportunity to participate in a private discussion group with Laurie Barraco and other members of The Sanctuary, as well as submit 1 Free Question per month via email.

Each month you will receive the following to help you on your spiritual path:

Ask Laurie 1 Question per Month
The Sanctuary Discussion Group
Monthly Energy Report
Spell of the Week
Crystal of the Week
God/Goddess of the Month
Power Animal of the Month
Essential Oil of the Month
Meditation of the Month
Education - How to Articles
Affirmations of the Month

Content is delivered via Video and printables. You can participate in discussions and login anytime to retrieve and review the content. 
Membership is $10 per month if paid every six months. Pay annually and get 2 months Free!

Click HERE to get a sneak peek of what you will receive every month!

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