Laurie Barraco's School of Intuitive Arts

Welcome to Laurie Barraco’s School of Psychic Development & Intuitive Arts!

This is our online classroom where you may attend ongoing classes, as well as featured classes. We will offer Tarot, Meditation, Channeling, Psychic Development and more. We will also be archiving our live streaming events here, as well. 

Why not learn and interact with the center from the comfort of your own home? 

Are you ready for the cost of each online entry fee? $7.77! Just click on a class link below to gain access.

CLASS DIRECTORY   -   Each class is $7.77

Tarot 101
Laurie Barraco covers the tarot basics to get you started.

Facilitated by Laurie Barraco
Duration 50 minutes

The Magic of Manifesting 
Learn how to align yourself energetically with your heart's desires.

Facilitated by Laurie Barraco
Duration 48 minutes


Mediumship 101
Mediumship is the ability to communicate with souls, entities, and personalities which no longer have a physical body. We all have the capacity to communicate with crossed over loved ones and pets.                           

Facilitated by Laurie Barraco
Duration 48 minutes.

Physical and Etheric Protection
Laurie discuss why it is so important to protect your energy. You will also learn how to create energetic boundaries for yourself and your space.

Facilitated by Laurie Barraco.
Duration 46 minutes.

LIVE EVENTS ARCHIVE   -   Each event is $7.77
(If you have already paid for the live event at the time of streaming, you will not be charged again for the archive.)

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