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Caroline Krieger Comings writing, Fine Artist, transplanted to Ft. Myers from New York City in 1987.  I have been fascinated by astrology since a friend gave me my first ephemeris in 1967; no expert but enjoy astrological observations very much.  Always referred to my 7 degree LEO ascendant chart but then, an astrologer computed it another way for an 18 degree LEO ascendant changing quite a bit.  The latter reads GEOCENTRIC, TROPICAL, KOCH, TRUE NODE; the first is KOCH.

I've been trying to find the truth of each, though I still land on the first style.  URANUS is in my 12th with the first; in the 11th with the other.

Anyone have an insight to the different methods?


Caroline Krieger Comings

Fine Artist/Instructor

Oil painter

FIELD OF SPIRIT  40 x 30"  Oils on canvas

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