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Welcome to the Mystical Moon Community

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Living Consciously Through Our Choices

Do our choices affect our destiny? Can't we simply fix things later with a do-over?
Shouldn't I be more spontaneous in my life and not over analyze, I thought that was what I was supposed to do?

These are some questions which have been coming up quite a bit in not only my own head, but with friends, colleagues and of course clients. 

Our choices affect our lives on so many different levels as well as our life's path. Yes, sometimes we must make quick decisions because of a once in a little opportunity presents itself or maybe we have a tendency to over analyze and are trying to move things along by making spontaneous decisions.

The seeds I am planting today have to do with consciously weighing our options by going within to see possible outcomes and what choice may be for not only our highest and best good but for the highest and best for all. 

By taking care with our destiny we are in the driver's seat of our lives. We are taking personal responsibility and are consciously aware of what are and aren't manifesting according to our choice. 

Here are some situations where we can be more aware of our choices, bring in more self-awareness and avoid regret because of our decisions.

Ways to Avoid Wanting That Do-Over:
  • Say no when we mean no
  • Decide to take a healthy step back from unhealthy relationships
  • Clear the air when there is a misunderstanding -choosing to walk away without clear communication leaves room for unhealthy consequences
  • Put forth your best effort in all endeavors
  • Career decisions - move on when it is time - staying longer than you know you should creates disharmony and spirit is going to make you really uncomfortable until you are proactive
  • Do work on your limited belief system when you know it is limited
  • To eat healthy, good nurturing food
  • Communicating after you have formulated healthier approaches to others 
  • Check in with yourself to review what your true motives are - are you making clean and wise decisions or are you trying to prove a point to another
  • Consider other people's feelings, opinions and take a moment to put yourself in their shoes
  • Keep your ego in check
  • Be sure you are complete with your current situation before you move on - you may be repeating the same life lesson if you haven't had closure or understood what the heck all of this was about
Hopefully a seed or two has been planted within at least a few of my readers and hopefully those seeds will bring forth amazing fruit from your hard work.

Our choices map out our life's path. It may be helpful to take a little time and reflect on how your choices from healthy and unhealthy places have affected your life. Please do use these experiences to grown and empower not only yourself but others.

Blessings and Light,

Thank You 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 has most certainly been a year of healing, growth, transformation, trust and miracles not only for myself but for many clients, family and friends. At the close of each year, I love to review the past year's challenges, celebrations, and accomplishments of that year. I also make a point of taking inner and outer inventory to see what I am ready to release before the new year begins.

I always hold a releasing ceremony and thank spirit for the past opportunities for personal growth, I then surrender and cut the emotional cords to these challenges and life lessons. 

Now for the good stuff :-) Writing down my intentions for the new year. Sometimes I create a Vision Board so I can picture in my mind's eye my goals more easily. I make sure to write down my yearly intentions in my journal. It is extremely important to write down your intentions so that you give life (energy) to your goals. You are actually creating a focal point for your desired intentions to manifest into fruition. It is like a homing device for your goals. This really does work...trust me. 

I have been called the Queen of Manifestations. There really is no secret to my success other than hard work, laser focus and a whole lot of surrendering. I do have a secret weapon that I share with all who are willing to listen to my praises of this amazing tool. Drum roll please...It is Leonie Dawson's yearly "Create Your Shining Year". I cannot say enough about this workbook! It keeps you motivated, inspired and on track with your own personal goals for the year. I have ordered a few extras for friends and family. Here is a link be sure to check it out! Leonie's Workbook

A Gift From Me To You - I have charged the symbol below with unconditional love, abundance and Reiki energy. To receive the energy, place your left palm over the symbol and state the following affirmation - I allow myself to receive the limitless love, joy, excellent health, trust and abundance that the Universe has to offer. I will share my light and love with the Universe and will trust in my soul's journey here on planet Earth. So be it, so it is!

I am most certainly grateful for 2014, for it has been a beautiful year even with it's highs and lows. I am even more grateful for 2015 with all it's fresh canvases that are waiting to be painted with new beginnings and do-overs.

Here's to 2015! May it be a year of hope, joy, excellent health, love, faith, abundance and healthy personal transformation and empowerment! 

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

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